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SOLUTIONS | Custom Crating & Packaging

Custom Crating & Packaging – Protect shipments of every shape and size.

When your products need creative crating and packaging, we think outside the box.

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What We Do

Oversized doesn’t have to be overcomplicated.

We want to ensure that your shipments are protected–from the moment they’re packed to the time they reach their destination. Our highly experienced crating and packaging team makes solutions customized to fit your shipment and designed to make moving it as easy as possible.

We help our clients:

  • Protect High Value Shipments
  • Meet Compliance Standards
  • Ship Products of All Sizes
  • Think Outside the Box

Our Technology

An innovative approach to customization.

We don’t take risks when it comes to shipping your high value or oversized products. That’s why we use innovative design components to create solutions that not only fit, but also take weight, dimension, value, fragility, compliance and final destination requirements into consideration.

Let’s Get to Work

Our Certifications

We meet the standards.

Our team are experts in crating and packaging for international exports, with extensive knowledge and compliance in ISPM-15 wood packaging materials, MIL-Spec and ASTM standards. We’re equipped to design and build packaging for heavy duty manufacturing equipment, fragile art and everything in between, to make sure your goods stay safe throughout the journey.

Custom shipping crates built with your products in mind.

In addition to international and domestic shipping services, Flat World is a go-to custom crating company known for going the extra mile. We develop custom packing solutions for your specific crating needs—because when you’re shipping high-value or delicate goods, you need packaging you can rely on.

Learn how our Custom Crating & Packaging services can streamline your supply chain.

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We’ve seen it all.

There’s no product too big or too small.

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