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Coronavirus Has Given Supply Chain Professionals and Shipping Managers the Chance to Show Just How Important We Are

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Posted On May 1, 2020

Recently Flat World Global Solutions CEO Brian Wenck had the chance to take part in a round table discussion on the state of global supply chains in the age of coronavirus, where he noted that supply chain and shipping managers have been dealing with coronavirus from the very beginning.

(That means since late 2019, which is technically six months ago, but feels—to quote George Lucas—like a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.)

While there are few bright spots, the opportunity for the Flat World family to help companies in dire need of flexible, innovative supply chain management has been rewarding. We expect that that is the case in shipping departments across the country and across the world.

Those of us in the transportation and logistics management are a little like farmers. How? Much of the public does not make the connection between work being done in the fields and the food sitting in the grocery store. For most of the public, food is just there. It just appears on the shelf, ready to prepare—but farmers know the difference. Farmers know exactly how much work it takes to turn the potato in the field into a French fry on your plate.

The same is true for supply chain managers and shipping departments.

When the coronavirus pandemic moved to the United States, there were constant reassurances in the media that critical supply chains—including the supply chains that move our medicine, medical equipment, and food—are safe.

And they are safe.

But they are only safe because of the hard work of people like you.

Secure supply chains are not a fact of life. They do not exist in nature, and they definitely do not remain safe as the rest of the world breaks down simply because of good luck. Supply chains remain safe because companies use diversionary flexibility to source their products elsewhere. Supply chains remain safe because third-party logistics providers (3PLs) help keep shipping departments informed of rapidly changing ground operations.

More than anything though, supply chains have remained safe because of the dedication and hard work of shipping departments and transportation managers that keep our shelves stocked and critical equipment moving toward hospitals and healthcare facilities. Other than toilet paper, the country is yet to face shortages of essential goods. That did not happen by accident.

It happened because you made it happen.

It did not take a pandemic to make the Flat World family proud of the companies and shipping departments we partner with. That pride is always there, and it is one of the big reasons we strive so hard to build our business on a foundation of excellence. We do not strive for excellence because excellence sounds good in a mission statement. We strive for excellence because that is what our partners and clients deserve.

We know the pandemic is not over yet. We also know many of our partners face a steep uphill climb back to prosperity and growth. The Flat World family will be there with you, every step of the way.

But when the struggle seems to overwhelm, remember this:

Shipping departments and supply chain managers have played a far larger role in keeping the world safe than they will ever get credit for—and that is okay, because we know those departments and managers are not looking for credit.

The Flat World family sees you though.

And we are proud of the way you have kept the rest of us safe.