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SOLUTIONS | International Shipping

International Shipping – Maximize your potential abroad.

International freight shipping to and from different countries comes with unique challenges. As your full-service partner, we help you navigate them.

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We’re with you every step of the way.

International shipping requires extensive knowledge and experience. Our team has both. We get shipments from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. We believe that communication is the key to moving through the milestones of international transportation, and it’s why we manage every step of the process–from packaging to customs to delivery–with one team.

We help our clients:

  • Solve Import and Export Challenges
  • Track All Shipments in One Place
  • Reduce Delays and Obstacles
  • Reach New Markets in New Countries

Our Technology

We’ve created programs that fit the needs of your organization.


Tracking made simple.
Air2Post® is a direct-to-consumer delivery solution for e-commerce parcels weighing one ounce to 25 pounds. The platform offers full visibility of customs clearance, carrier and service levels, undeliverable returns, and full process tracking management.
Learn more about Air2Post.


Save time and money on the shipping dock.
Pipeline, our TMS platform, allows users to manage domestic and international shipments all in one place. View the current status of all of your shipments, where they’re at, where they’re headed next, when they’re scheduled to arrive and when they’ve reached their destination.
Learn more about Pipeline.

Our Capabilities

We offer a full-service suite of solutions.

Air & Ocean Freight

As an IATA-licensed air freight forwarder and licensed LTL and FLC ocean freight forwarder, we work with you to determine the best mode of transportation for your shipments.

Customs & Compliance

We are a Licensed U.S. Customs Broker, working to prevent customs and compliance challenges from becoming roadblocks.

Specialty Cargo

We ensure frozen, hazardous, oversized and specialty goods ship safely, whether they require custom crating, temperature-control or additional security.

Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

We provide tailored technology that offers faster processing and lower cost options for international e-commerce shipments.

Our Certifications

We're qualified.

Our Locations

Expand your reach.

Our strategic locations are in close proximity to airports and allow for two-day fulfillment once your shipments arrive in the U.S.

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • St. Louis

International freight forwarding services designed for your needs.

Executing international shipping projects can be challenging. Supply chain professionals have to deal with import and export requirements, customs checkpoints, numerous carrier and shipping mode options, language hurdles, and international affairs. What should be a straightforward international shipping project can be filled with delays, added costs and major headaches.

Our international freight forwarding division was created to prevent issues in your international shipping operations and resolve any challenges that do pop up. As an experienced freight forwarder with numerous certifications and capabilities, Flat World can help streamline the international links in your supply chain.

It starts with being able to easily select the right carrier and lane for your unique shipment. Our teams will monitor the freight as it goes through borders and checkpoints to ensure tax and customs compliance. And whether products are being shipped via air or ocean freight, and any route across the globe, you’ll be able to track their every move with end-to-end visibility via our proprietary international shipping software.

Learn how our International Shipping services can streamline your supply chain.

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Optimize your international shipping.

We work alongside your team to ensure your shipments are on track.

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