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SOLUTIONS | Freight Brokerage (Over the Road)

Freight Broker — Expand your freight network with help from the pros.

Tap into our extensive network with thousands of local, regional and national carriers for the most cost-effective truckload shipping options.

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What We Do

Flat World's freight brokers can take your supply chain even farther.

Relying only on national carriers to move freight across the country can result in unnecessary spend. But finding smaller carriers for your freight transportation (and then figuring out the right partner for each individual shipment) can be a full-time job.

Our team of licensed freight brokers takes care of the legwork, pairing your load with the trucking company that wants your business the most. It’s a win-win: the shipper gets access to the most cost-effective option and the carrier closes the gaps between its other shipments.

Our Technology

Powered by technology designed to solve your toughest challenges.

All freight brokerage companies connect shippers with carriers—but Flat World’s supply chain technology gives our customers a competitive edge. Through Pipeline, our transportation management system, you can gain end-to-end visibility and real-time reporting. Our team knows the freight industry inside and out, and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and the best solutions for your unique business needs. Plus, you’ll never have to sign a contract. Instead, we work hard every day to earn and keep your business.

We help our clients transport freight and:

  • Connect with regional, local and national carriers
  • Consolidate less-than-truckload shipments
  • Move dry cargo, cold-chain, oversized, specialized, partials and more
  • Maintain on-time delivery rates
  • Streamline the entire supply chain

A freight broker is only as good as their network.

What’s the secret to being a successful truckload broker? The ability to connect your clients with the best trucking companies. Flat World’s carrier network has thousands of carrier companies and is always expanding to include more. The result: you get access to the best price and delivery times available.

But there’s something else: Unlike other freight brokers and freight broker services, we treat our carriers like they’re our clients, too, because in a way, they are. When we work with a truck driver or trucking company, we deliver the same level of excellence our customers receive. When carriers are happy, we get access to additional capacity and better pricing—making life even easier for you.

Why you need a freight broker

From cost reduction to improved capacity and enhanced time and quality management, a freight broker acts as a valuable intermediary in the transportation process. Here are three key reasons why you should consider engaging our freight brokerage services:

Cost Reduction

By leveraging their extensive network of carriers and industry expertise, freight brokers can secure competitive rates and negotiate favorable terms on your behalf. They have access to various shipping options, allowing them to choose the most cost-effective solutions for your specific freight requirements. Additionally, freight brokers can consolidate shipments and optimize routes, maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses.


Freight brokers excel in connecting shippers with a vast network of carriers, including local, regional and national providers. We have established relationships with reputable carriers and can quickly match your freight with the most suitable transportation partners. By leveraging their network, freight brokers can secure available capacity, even during periods of high demand, ensuring your shipments are delivered on time.

Time and Quality

Freight brokers excel in streamlining the transportation process, saving you valuable time and effort. Our expertise in selecting the most suitable carriers, managing documentation, coordinating shipments and resolving any logistical issues allows you to focus on your core business operations.

Moreover, freight brokers prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your shipments are handled with care and delivered safely and securely. Flat World tracks shipments, provides real-time updates and addresses any concerns you may have, giving you peace of mind throughout the transportation journey.

Learn how our Freight Brokerage (Over the Road) services can streamline your supply chain.

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