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SOLUTIONS | RVX RV Parts Shipping

RVX – Specialized shipping for over-dimensional RV manufactured parts.

Cut down on damages, transit time and shipping costs with supply chain solutions designed specifically for the RV industry.

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Flat World RVX

What We Do

Streamline your RV supply chain with Flat World RVX Solutions.

RV manufacturers and parts manufacturers have had to deal with inconsistent shipping of over-dimensional freight, high damage and claim instances, and pricing and fee fluctuations for too long.

To solve the industry-wide problem, Flat World created RVX, a dedicated shipping service focused solely on over-dimensional freight for the RV industry. Specializing in RV freight for more than a decade and offering the best customer service in the industry, we can help you turn your supply chain into a competitive edge.

RVX offers clients:

  • Consistent pickup at the RV parts warehouse
  • Consolidated deliveries direct to the dealer
  • A dedicated RVX service team providing frequent tracking and delivery updates to ensure dealers are prepared and equipped to receive over-dimensional freight
  • End-to-end visibility into every shipment
  • Damage and claims reduction thanks to specialized material-handling equipment
  • Streamlined shipments leveraging dealer network locations

Our Technology

One partner. One solution. Many problems solved.

RV manufacturers and parts manufacturers using traditional carriers face countless supply chain challenges. But Flat World’s RVX solution is designed around the needs of the RV industry, providing a custom solution that fits your specific needs. Using Flat World-owned assets, proprietary supply chain technology, specialized handling equipment, and regular shipment updates and notifications, we eliminate unnecessary stops, handling and transfers so your shipments make it to their destination exactly how they left your warehouse. Here’s how:

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