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Put your TMS on the loading dock.


Save with every shipment.

The right technology can eliminate tedious shipping tasks and solve common logistical challenges.

That’s why we built Pangea™, a shipment consolidation, mode optimization and execution platform that integrates into your ERP for an improved, streamlined shipment workflow. Pangea offers full visibility into your carrier and rate options, so you can view custom parcel, LTL and cartage carrier rates all in one place and choose the best solution for your shipments.

Pangea works with your hardware, including digital scales, dimensioners and printers to reduce the need for manual entry, saving time and minimizing errors. It also affords your front-line shipment processors the ease of a fully featured software package for preprocessing, routing, labeling and consolidating shipments. The program helps you and your team increases productivity and efficiency while offering valuable savings.




Seamlessly integrate with scales, scanners, and printers to reduce data entry and eliminate the need to manually enter invoice details for a shipment.


Consolidate your shipments and reduce the time your team spends on checking rates and creating documents.


Display applicable rates, customer parcel carriers, LTL carriers and cartage carriers in one place to identify the best carrier for your shipment.

See how Pangea can improve your shipping process.

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