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​3 Ways Flat World Supply Chain Helps You Focus on Growing Your Business, and Less on Logistics

Posted On April 15, 2016

At Flat World Supply Chain, none of our customers (who we think of as partners) are exactly alike. And while no two of our partners are the same, they do share one common trait:

They want to minimize time, energy, and resources spent managing their supply chains, and spend more time and energy focusing on growing their core business.

At Flat World Supply Chain, we create partnerships with our customers to help make that happen. Here are three ways we do that:

1. Streamline your supply chain processes using no-cost technology.

Flat World is proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in a wide variety of markets and industries. Too often, while their products are innovative, their logistics departments do not use technology that would simplify the work, make their supply chains more efficient, and allow leadership to invest in more value-added areas of the company.

For example, one company we partnered with regularly filled out several hundreds of bills of lading per month, keystroke by keystroke. While they were a market leader, they work in a competitive industry and need to invest their financial and human resources in staying one step ahead of the competition—not in hand typing bills of lading. Working with your logistics team, Flat World’s service and technology can make your supply chain a source of innovation and efficiency within your company.

2. We free up human capital to focus on creating value.

Flat World focuses on creating efficiency within your supply chain. However, many see “efficiency” as a word synonymous with a reduction in human resources.That’s not the definition of the word efficiency.

Efficiency means using the resources you have at hand—technological, financial, and human—to create maximum impact. Flat World Supply Chain views our relationship with your logistics team as a partnership. Through this partnership, the shipping coordinator who spends nearly all of his or her time reviewing multiple websites for rates, transit times, or to create bills of lading can focus on more value-added activity within your logistics department. Even more so, if those comparison reviews do bring substantial decision making value to the company, working with Flat World allows companies to quantify that value, and insure that value is taken advantage of—even when that shipping coordinators time becomes too hectic and busy to get it all done.

3. We identify, and solve, logistics problems you didn’t even know you had.

“One of the biggest reasons we’ve succeeded is a willingness to be adaptable, “ says Flat World Supply Chain Account Executive Charlie Conners. “Often our partners don’t know the exact nature of the supply chain problem they face, and after helping identify that problem, we may have to adapt what we do to help solve that problem. But – and I think I can speak for the rest of our team – that’s a big part of what motivates us: solving complex supply chain challenges for our customers.”

Identifying and solving supply chain challenges you may not completely be aware of goes a long way toward allowing you to focus more on your core business, and less on logistics. When you partner with Flat World Supply Chain to identify and solve a challenge it prevents that challenge from becoming a disaster that drains your time, attention, and money. A business owner, senior manager, or shipping coordinator will never be evaluated on the number of hand-typed bills of lading the company produced. They will be evaluated on their ability to create better ways of doing things, and new opportunities to succeed.

And when it comes to logistics management, Flat World Supply Chain is there to help you create those opportunities.