Case Study

ATRO Engineered Systems

ATRO Engineered Systems is a producer of heavy-duty polyurethane truck parts, based in St. Clair, MO. The high performance, long-lasting parts they manufacture have created value for their customers by improving performance and reducing overall maintenance costs through the life of the vehicle.

The Challenge

ATRO sought to enhance its nationwide customer service by improving delivery speed. Central to ATRO’s growth strategy was reaching potential customers in regions lacking their warehouse presence. In ATRO’s line of business, prompt product delivery plays a pivotal role in customers’ decisions to buy from ATRO or one of their competitors, especially in urgent situations like trucks needing quick repairs to resume operations. Recognizing the significance of faster deliveries to their customers, ATRO aimed to establish a regional distribution model. However, the challenge lay in expanding their warehouse network in the number of markets required to accomplish this goal.

Tractor trailer in the background with a transparent blue overlay, and ATRO Engineered Systems' logo

The Solution

Flat World partnered with ATRO to set up micro Distribution Centers, each with 5-10K square feet of committed space to ATRO’s product, in 4 different markets across the US – Baltimore, Dallas, Atlanta, and Reno. ATRO completes inventory transfers to these facilities from their production facility in St. Clair on a weekly basis, to ensure the local markets are stocked with product and ready to ship out same-day when parts are ordered.

The Results

The reduced transit times for ATRO's customers were instantly recognized, driving increased order volume from the markets served by the Flat World distribution centers.

ATRO is now able to service approximately 70% of their US customers with next day service, and over 95% of their customers in 2 days or less through the combination of their facility in St. Clair and the Flat World micro-DC locations. ATRO is a rapidly growing company, which is why a regional distribution model was critical for them.

The reduced transit times for ATRO’s customers were instantly recognized, driving increased order volume from the markets served by the Flat World distribution centers. This change has also allowed ATRO to scale operations, as they drive more of their shipping volume through outside warehouses, which made it easier on their own shipping department to manage as daily order volumes increased.


70% of orders are delivered to customers next-day.

95% of orders are delivered to customers within 2 days of being shipped.

15% revenue growth year over year due to increased order volume in new markets.

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