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Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted On November 1, 2019

Flat World Holdings is built on a foundation that “there has to be a better way” through personal excellence. Since our beginning we have brought technology, innovation and a culture of excellence to produce results for our clients, for each other, and in our community. That same commitment to excellence guides our commitment as an environmentally cognizant and protecting organization.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

At Flat World we have an ongoing commitment to meeting all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations and standards. We carefully consider the effects of our services and solutions on the environment, as well as on the health and well-being of people. We strive to be good stewards of air, water, and energy resources, and in our management of waste. This includes structured recycling, waste disposal, and conservation processes.

In partnership with our clients, Flat World actively strives to minimize the environmental impact of our conveyances and partnering with providers who share the same goals. Those efforts include minimizing miles driven, and maximizing consolidation efforts. Our Pangea shipment execution software encourages clients to consolidate multiple same destination orders into larger and less carbon footprint deliveries.

Flat World actively supports and participates in the United States Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay® Transport Program , partnering with the EPA, carriers, and other stakeholders partner working to reduce our environmental footprint.


Philanthropy: Delivering Wishes

Flat World Holdings has a strong culture that values community engagement. We are all be proud to be a part of a company where team members are committed to volunteering their time and expertise for an important cause. Spreading a little joy to the people within our communities really does make a difference!

This commitment leads us to maintain strong connections to the communities in which we live. We believe great communities are the foundation of great business. As a result, we were honored to work with the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation (MOHF) to help families in their journey during their most challenging times through 2017 and 2018. The MOHF works to support families of children battling congenital heart defects financially, emotionally and in ways unique to their needs. Their aim is not only to relieve financial burden – enabling them to be in the moment with their young warrior – but to listen, share, uplift and strengthen them as they march on.

Flat World Holdings hosted it’s Fourth Annual Delivering Wishes Charity Event on June 20th, 2019 at the Stone House of St Charles raising over $50,000 from 2017-2018. If you are interested in learning more about our philanthropy and efforts please contact or visit

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Pat Riley


Ethical Business Practices

With our foundation of excellence for our clients, to each other, and in the community, Flat World Holdings emphasizes our commitment of excellence to those we work with, and those we partner with to work on our behalf. Both organizationally and individually, the Flat World team cares deeply about the rights of those with whom we work and rely on to operate our business every day. Our Values, Policy on Business Ethics and Vendor Code of Conduct as documented in our team member handbook have long served as the guideposts of our fundamental respect for human rights. In addition to spelling out the Flat World commitment as an Equal Opportunity Employer, our commitment to Affirmative Action, supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other components committed to a strong, fair, and positive workplace, our commitment to excellence in the community emphasizes that respect for the community at large.

Flat World Holdings is committed to respecting human rights in our operations and complying with the laws of the countries in which we do business. Our organization believes we have an opportunity to positively impact the protection of human rights within our sphere of influence. To this end, along with our trade organization and industry alliance partners, we encourage and support our suppliers and other business partners in their efforts to act in accordance with internationally recognized human rights standards. That commitment is based on the principles outlined by the laws of the United States as it relates to Human Rights, as well as the standards espoused by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.


Economic Responsibility

Flat World Holdings Code of Ethic highlights the company’s integrity as our most valuable asset, and emphasizes fair business practices as utmost importance in Flat World’s activities. Flat World Holdings considers fair, equitable, and ethical actions and legal compliance to be the foundation for social responsibilities that organizations must fulfill. Flat World strives to be an organization trusted by society through fair business practices.

Our organization and our team members are expected to adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards applicable in our business. The company’s business is conducted in strict observance of both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and the integrity of each team member in reflecting fair business practices is of utmost importance.


Sustainable Procurement

Flat World Holdings endeavor’s that all procurement activities undertaken are to be conducted in a manner of excellence to promote the concept of sustainability. Flat World expects all suppliers and sub-contractors to comply with the laws in the countries in which they operate and with the standards of excellent performance across three areas of sustainability:

  1. Economic Impacts
    Excellent business ethics, good governance and the promotion of anti-corruption as reflected in our Fair Business Practices within our organizational code of ethics. This includes appropriate support for business and services within our areas of operation.
  2. Social Impacts
    Excellence in labor standards and human rights both within our organization, as well as with the vendor and subcontractor relationships.
  3. Environmental Impacts
    The prevention, reduction and management of negative environmental impacts associated with services and products purchased or utilized by Flat World Holdings operations.