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Flat World Clients Pivot to Support Health & Wellness During COVID-19

Medical mask with the globe printed on it

Posted On May 22, 2020

We’re always proud to partner with clients across industries and around the world. But we’ve never been prouder than right now, as many of our clients modify their business strategies to help the country battle the pandemic.

For more than 80 years, WB Bottle Supply Company in Wisconsin has been providing custom bottle solutions for everything from shampoo to maple syrup. When the company heard one of its partners, local craft distillery Central Standard, was switching from making spirits to making sanitizer, the company stepped up.

Using Flat World’s custom technology solutions, WB Bottle was able to donate and deliver 2,000 bottles to the cause, helping first responders and high-risk facilities in the Milwaukee community keep surfaces clean. And the company is staying busy: WB recently received one of its largest-ever orders from another company battling COVID-19 and we’re working together to negotiate transportation service providers and execute fast and efficient shipping for the order.

Down south, another one of our clients is bringing necessary supplies to the front lines. Texas-based LoftWall, a company that builds custom moveable partitions and privacy walls, has stepped up to help patients at medical facilities maintain social distancing while getting important testing and lifesaving treatment.

Working with Flat World’s Expedited Services, LoftWall has been able to fast-track shipping to get orders to hospitals and medical facilities in Tennessee, New York and Minnesota.

two photos show WB Bottles being filled with sanitizer, and LoftWall partitions in a medical facility

*Left: Bottles from WB Bottle are filled with sanitizer for the Froedtert Hospital System in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Right: Partitions from LoftWall allow a medical facility to maintain social distance between patients and prevent the spread of COVID-19.*

Flat World is honored to support WB Bottle and LoftWall in transporting their products and preventing the spread of the virus.

But even beyond sanitation and healthcare, our partners are continuing to help Americans stay healthy at home.

A few months ago, Torque Fitness in Minneapolis sold equipment to gyms across the country. When gyms started closing due to the pandemic, the company adjusted their strategy and began selling to individuals and families looking for home gym solutions.

As you can probably imagine, shipping large-scale exercise equipment can be a lot more challenging than smaller items, especially when shipping to residences. But by staying flexible and using Flat World’s TMS technology to ship items efficiently and cost-effectively, the Torque team has successfully transitioned into an e-commerce site.

As customers reach out to inquire about ordering, Torque is able to use Flat World technology to make and adjust shipping plans in real time, while passing savings on to their customers. And that’s not all—Torque’s ability to pivot to support the needs of fitness enthusiasts staying at home has resulted in two months with the highest number of shipments in company history.

As our clients continue to innovate, we’re here to make sure their transportation needs are taken care of, so they can focus on what matters: serving their customers and communities.