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Flat World Expands Capabilities with St. Louis and Denver Warehouse Locations

Flat World's St. Louis warehouse

Posted On November 3, 2021

At a time when warehousing space is becoming harder to come by, Flat World is expanding its offering.

Warehousing plays a vital role in many companies’ supply chain. For businesses with seasonal products, warehousing can simply serve as temporary storage. (This is especially true of late, as more businesses have turned to warehousing in anticipation of future supply chain backlogs.) Other businesses utilize warehousing and distribution centers for distribution and order fulfillment, getting products to the end consumer faster and with lower transportation spend.

With the growing importance of warehousing, and always seeking to provide excellence to our customers, Flat World has widened our warehousing capabilities, with a larger warehouse in St. Louis and a new Denver warehouse opening soon.

At 186,600 square feet, our new St. Louis warehouse is our largest. Less than six miles from Lambert International Airport, the newly constructed facility offers climate control, a refrigeration room and more. The warehouse is also a Container Freight Station (CFS) and Centralized Examination Station (CES), allowing us to consolidate shipments and house imported goods while they wait to be inspected.

Our Denver warehouse, scheduled to open this winter, is a brand-new building located just 12.1 miles from the Denver International Airport. Its 44,000 square feet includes rack and floor space, a drive-in dock, security and sprinkler systems, and more. It will allow us to ensure even more of our clients’ shipments to the west coast can be shipped quickly and efficiently, with faster transit times and lower shipping costs.

The fifth in our growing lineup, the Denver warehouse brings Flat World’s total owned warehouse space to well over 330,000 square feet across the United States.

“Our new Denver warehouse location expands our ability to better serve our customers as their businesses and needs grow,” said Brian Wenck, Flat World Global Solutions CEO. “Delivering excellence to our customers, and by extension, their customers, drives us to push further every day.”

Warehousing is one of many in Flat World’s end-to-end shipping logistics solutions. To learn how we can streamline your supply chain with industry-leading technology and expertise, contact us!