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Make Your Supply Chain More Innovative, Starting with Your ERP.

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Posted On October 25, 2018

In our last post, we discussed innovation in supply chains, logistics, and transportation management. We specifically discussed the way innovation doesn’t always take the form of groundbreaking, world-shaking technology.

Sometimes—in fact, often—innovation occurs in small, incremental ways.

One of those incremental (but incredibly impactful) innovations can happen when businesses integrate supply chain management software into their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Over the past year, Flat World Supply Chain has worked with several clients to integrate our shipment execution software into a variety of ERPs. When we partner with clients to do that, we aren’t fundamentally changing their ERP or accounts payable software. Instead, we are connecting the dots and increasing visibility between their shipping department and the other systems the company uses.

The result of integrating Flat World software into a company’s ERP?

Streamlined processes, a reduction in time (and money) spent on shipping and supply chain activities, and the elimination of many redundant, manual procedures. Any company would call that innovative. In fact, making your company more efficient, effective, and profitable is the purpose of all innovation.

Plus, a streamlined, more efficient shipping department can handle a higher volume of orders, and a higher volume of orders means a stronger bottom line.

Flat World Supply Chain is here to make the daily grind your shipping department faces more efficient, effective, and visible through innovation. Our solutions are delivered through proprietary software that is completely customizable and able to integrate with almost any ERP or operating system.

Additionally, Flat World Supply Chain provides transportation insight and technology tools to enhance our clients’ ability to make quick and informed decisions. We help to drive efficiencies throughout our clients’ business processes including PO management, optimized carrier selection, transportation execution tasks, and freight bill audit and payment.

But our focus on innovation through excellence and continued improvement isn’t just limited to Flat World Supply Chain.

The Flat World Holdings family of companies, including Ram International, Ram Custom Crating, Flat World Hospitality Management, and Prologue Technology all focus on making the various components of your supply chain more innovative. Consistently getting your goods through international customs’ offices faster in a consistent way is innovation. Using better-built and more reliable custom crates is innovation. Partnering with hospitality project managers and experts to complete a new facility on time and under budget is innovation. Using industry-best transportation management software is innovation.

Once in a while someone invents something new that changes an entire industry.

More often, companies implement something like a new process, procedure, or system that makes them stronger and more competitive within their industry. Sometimes that’s the not-so-little things, like integrating cutting-edge supply chain-management software into their ERP.

If that sounds like your company, give us a call.

We would love to make your supply chain more innovative, starting today.