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May 2019 Spotlight on Excellence: Rose Anne del Rio

Flat World Employee of the Month - Rose Anne del Rio

Posted On May 28, 2019

Beginning this month, we are proud to shine a spotlight on a Flat World Holdings team member who exemplifies excellence.

In fact, we are so proud of our companies and our team members that we want to share their achievements with the world.

This month we point that spotlight at Rose Anne del Rio, an Import Traffic Supervisor who has been part of the Flat World family and Ram International for nearly two years.

Rose Anne began her career at Ram International, working on an e-commerce shipping solution. Her efficient, patient, and genuine approach to customer service allowed her to support a large number of clients while maintaining a focus on excellence.

Rose is known for her willingness to work weekends and go the extra mile to solve customer problems. She is also a big believer in personal development and education, and has earned several certifications during her tenure. She is a mentor to her colleagues—which shouldn’t surprise anyone, given how much Rose values her own family, including her two children.

We are proud that Rose Anne del Rio is part of the Flat World family and Ram International.

Congratulations, Rose, for being featured in the May edition of Spotlight on Excellence!