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Flat World Launches RVX, Specialized Shipping Service for RV Industry

Posted On April 26, 2023

This week, Flat World is excited to announce a new service, designed specifically to address an industry-wide problem facing RV manufacturers and RV parts manufacturers: Introducing Flat World RVX.

For decades, RV manufacturers and parts manufacturers shipping over-dimensional parts have endured inconsistent shipping, high damage and claim rates, and major fluctuations in pricing and fees. The conditions have been both frustrating and costly for shippers trying to provide satisfactory and cost-effective service to their customers.

Our team at Flat World has specialized in RV freight logistics for more than a decade. Upholding the company’s mission to deliver excellence to clients, we developed RVX as a custom solution to the issue.

Flat World RVX is a dedicated shipping service that will focus solely on over-dimensional freight in the RV industry. Using specialized material handling equipment and facilities, combined with Flat World’s industry-leading transportation management system and expert teams, the new service allows RV manufacturers and RV parts manufacturers to improve both their customer service and their bottom line.

By serving only clients within the RV industry, and streamlining the shipment process, RVX will offer consistent pickup times, a reduction in damages and the need to file claims, and advanced tracking and visibility capabilities. RVX clients will also get the same excellent customer service and communication Flat World is known for, receiving frequent updates and delivery notifications from their dedicated RVX service team. This will also help ensure dealers are prepared and equipped to receive over-dimensional freight.

For questions about RVX or to schedule a shipment pickup, email or fill out our contact form.