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The Modern Workday Never Stops. Neither Should Your Supply Chain Software.

Posted On February 12, 2018

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember a time when the workday used to actually end. You would turn off your computer, stand up from your chair, turn the light off in your office, and walk out the door. The day would be done. Sure, you might talk about your work with your spouse over dinner, and plan for tomorrow—but the workday was over.

Those days are gone. A 2013 study by the American Psychological Association showed that more than half of all workers checked their work emails, texts, and voicemails from home. While you might assume those employees are miserable, research has shown the opposite. A 2014 survey by Gallup found that more than 80% of respondents viewed the ability to continue working from home as a positive. The reality is the modern workday never ends. Employees, competitors, and partners consistently want information, and they want to access it now. Interactive Intelligence Group’s recent Customer Experience Survey identified the most valued attributes of customer service.

“A timely response” ranked higher than efficiency, professionalism, first-call resolutions, effective follow-up, and knowledgeable staff. Think about that for a moment. While customers still care about and value having a positive experience with a customer service agent, what they care about most is fast access to the information their business depends on.

Companies need to be able to deliver that information two ways: via trained staff who know the customers and their needs and challenges, and technology that delivers up-to-date information. At the Flat World Holdings family of companies, we pride ourselves on delivering both. Across every line of business—from supply chain management to freight forwarding, custom crating, and everything in between—our team is focused on delivering service founded on excellence. Supply chain management and services is a relatively crowded market, and excellence is what has allowed our company to grow, thrive, and outpace our competitors since our founding 12 years ago.

That focus on excellence and responsiveness is also built into our technology. Our platform is built on the belief that you should have access to information on all of your shipments, any time you would like. That’s why we offer online tracking with our TMS system. It gives your organization the ability to track any shipment anytime and see the latest information that the carrier has to offer. We can also integrate with your ERP system and electronically send over the information. Your workday doesn’t end at 5. Your shipping manager can’t afford to turn out the lights without knowing he or she can access information about a shipment at any given time. A company that doesn’t have the capability for 100% supply chain visibility is a company that will find it hard to remain competitive.

At Flat World Supply Chain, we deliver that visibility. It’s what we do, and it’s what we have been doing for 12 years now. Even if you aren’t running multiple shifts, you can’t afford to close. You can’t afford to not know the status of important shipments. Thankfully, research shows your employees want access to the type of information they need to excel at their jobs, and Flat World Supply Chain provides that information through our innovative, mobile-accessible platform. Give your employees what they want, and what your business needs to stay competitive: Access to information, and 100% visibility.