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Your Company Needs a Five-Star Product and a Five-Star Supply Chain

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Posted On January 17, 2020

If you have ever bought a product on Amazon—or spend much time engaging in e-commerce at all—you’ll eventually come across a specific type of one-star review.

It’s not the “This book is awful because the character development is weak, and the dialogue is unrealistic” type of one-star review.

It’s not the “We purchased this oven and the broiler is broken” type of one-star review.

It’s the “I ordered this book and it came three weeks late and damaged” type of one-star review, or the “When I opened the oven box what I found was more like a stainless steel puzzle” type of one-star review.

In other words, it’s the type of one-star review focused on the quality of shipping and the effectiveness and efficiency of the manufacturer’s supply chain. The late, damaged book may in fact be the next great American novel. The stainless steel puzzle may in fact be the highest performing, most cost-effective oven on the market.

But no one will ever know because the company’s supply chain failed to deliver.

Over the past decade, business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets had both an explosion in the presence and influence of customer reviews. Buyers increasingly check the opinions and experiences of others before finalizing a purchase, and they often conduct that research by reading online reviews. Those reviews do not give customers the opportunity to separate their impression of a product from their impression of the way that product was delivered.

A five-star market leader becomes a one-star blemish when its supply chain breaks down. If a product arrives late or damaged, it is almost impossible to secure the positive online review or the in-person word of mouth every company depends on. Modern supply chains—including same-day delivery—have made the once-separate “shipping and handling” a core part of product perception.

If you want to thrive, your company must have a five-star product and a five-star supply chain.

Treating your supply chain as a byproduct or necessary evil will leave you choking on the dust of competitors who long ago realized how drastically customer perceptions of shipping changed during the decade that just ended.

Thankfully, Flat World Global Solutions has spent nearly fifteen years helping businesses across a wide variety of industries build five-star supply chains. Using our unique combination of industry-best transportation management technology and decades of experience and expertise, our team of transportation, logistics, supply chain technology, and freight experts helps create high-performing shipping departments that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Your company has worked hard to carve out your position in the market.

The five-star dedication and commitment to craft that your team displays every single day deserves a five-star supply chain and transportation partner.

Flat World Global Solutions would be honored to be that partner.

And if you already are a Flat World Global Solutions client?

We extend a sincere “Thank You” for choosing the Flat World team. We look forward to the start of a brand-new year and a brand-new decade, and we are deeply grateful that you’ve given us the opportunity to help you build your supply chain on a foundation of excellence.

Happy New Year from the Flat World Global Solutions team!