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​Your Supply Chain is Going to be More Complex in 2017—and That’s Why Customer Experience Matters Even More.

Posted On January 3, 2017

When you think of excellence in customer service, what type of businesses come to mind?

It might be Zappos, the online shoe retailer well known for having one of the best customer service cultures in any industry. It might be Chick-Fil-A, one of America’s fastest growing restaurants and a business known for service with a smile—and a culture of community involvement. If customer experience—a little positivity, a few smiles, and engagement with the broader community—matters so much in a business that involves as little risk as where you’re eating lunch or whether you’re satisfied with your $40 shoe purchase, imagine how much customer experience matters when it comes to decisions that impact your supply chain.

After all, if you have a bad experience at a restaurant, there are a million other options—many of them located next door or across the street. If you don’t like the pair of boots you purchased, there’s a good chance you have other choices, right in your own closet. But what if there’s a glitch in your supply chain? What if a shipment doesn’t arrive when and where it’s supposed to? What if there’s an unexpected customs issue? What if you have unique crating needs? What if you need visibility through your entire supply chain and then lack that visibility when you need it most?

These are just a few of the many “what-ifs” companies face when it comes to their supply chain and logistics needs. When you move goods and products across the world, there are bound to be unexpected challenges.

When that happens—when the “what-if?” becomes “What do we do now?”—what matters is how your supply chain solutions provider responds.Do they have a solution? And in the process of finding and delivering solutions, do they do it with a smile? Do they create a customer experience worthy of future loyalty?

At Flat World Holdings and across our entire family of companies—Flat World Supply Chain, Flat World Hospitality, Ram International, Ram Custom Crating, and Prologue Technology—we believe in creating a customer experience based on operational excellence.

Like Zappos, we believe in delivering that experience with a smile.

Like Chick-Fil-A, we believe involvement in the broader community shows the character of a company, and that the character of a company matters—whether you are making chicken sandwiches or helping a customer move wine from France to Alaska in the dead of winter. For our customers, the “what-ifs” are a pretty big deal—and when they contact us for solutions, we believe in delivering answers in a way that helps those customers feel calmer and more positive about what lies ahead.

Supply chains are made of ships, trucks, trains, planes, software, regulations, and a lot of other things—but the most important part of any supply chain is the people trying to solve the problems that come when you’re dealing with thousands of miles, multiple borders, and limited time.

At Flat World Holdings, we are here to solve those problems.

We believe customer experience matters a whole lot when you’re managing complex supply chains involving millions of dollars and multiple people. We believe in delivering excellence on a daily basis. And we’re excited to deliver a first-rate customer experience as your supply chain partner in the coming year.