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Examples in Excellence: Flat World Wins Torque Fitness Vendor of the Year Award

Posted On March 8, 2017

A manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge training machines and systems, Torque Fitness was founded in 2005 and quickly capitalized on the increasing interest in functional training, whole-body movements, and CrossFit.

Business was booming—but their existing logistics and warehousing partner was not equipped to grow with the company. Like the athletes using their products, Torque had maxed out. And like a lot of athletes who’ve reached their max, they knew they needed a new partner to help push them to the level of excellence the company needed. Specifically, Torque needed to reduce shipping costs for their customers, gain greater visibility, and improve the delivery experience for gyms receiving their equipment.

And they wanted to accomplish this while staying lean and not adding staff to focus solely on shipping and logistics.

In weightlifting terms, Torque Fitness needed a new partner if the company wanted to break through the plateau it had reached. They chose Flat World Supply Chain as that partner, and the result is a supply chain built on excellence.

Since Flat World began working with Torque, we’ve accomplished the following:

-Created a comprehensive shipping and logistics program that manages Torque’s entire supply chain, creating increased visibility and efficiency.

-Provided more-reliable shipping service to gym and fitness trade shows—a critical component of Torque’s sales and marketing efforts.

-Ensured a delivery experience for Torque’s customers that matches the premium quality of the equipment being delivered.

-Kept the Torque team focused on doing what it does best: delivering world-class fitness equipment to a customer base that grows by the day.

The partnership has worked really well—so well that Torque Fitness named Flat World Supply Chain its 2016 Vendor of the Year.

And when you get recognized for delivering excellence by a fast-growing market leader like Torque Fitness, it’s something to be proud of.

“We are honored to receive this recognition,” said Flat World Holdings CEO Brian Wenck. “The team that works most closely with Torque Fitness—Maggie Jones, Matt Geik, Matt Winslow, and Nikki Schwent—really exemplify the emphasis on excellence we have at Flat World. I’m really proud of the job each of our employees does, and it also makes me proud to have a customer like Torque Fitness that recognizes a job well done.”

“In fact, Torque Fitness is a business that clearly believes in excellence as much as we do, and that’s exactly the type of customer we love to work with. I’m excited to see how our companies can continue to work together to give Torque the best supply chain management system in the fitness industry.”

If you’re interested in working with Flat World Holdings and our companies (Flat World Supply Chain, Flat World Hospitality, Ram International, Ram Custom Crating, or Prologue Technology), we would love to hear from you.

When you work with a Flat World company, we won’t just strive to be the best supply chain partner you’ve ever had. We’ll work to be the best vendor you’ve ever had—period.