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Flat World Holdings Unveils New Website, Looks Forward to Future Growth

Posted On January 19, 2017

In 2006, Jeff Rothermich and Kirk Ferrell founded Flat World Supply Chain, a software and solutions platform designed to increase productivity, create efficiency, enhance visibility, record and report results, and make logistics a strategic advantage for every one of its customers.

The company soon expanded to include Flat World Hospitality, a project management and supply chain solutions provider focusing specifically on the hospitality industry, and Prologue Technology, an innovative supply chain, logistics, and transportation management technology developer.

Another wave of expansion occurred when the company purchased Ram International, one of the country’s premier international freight forwarders, and Ram Custom Crating, a maker of custom crates for everything from fine art to large industrial equipment. Together, these businesses represent a suite of comprehensive supply chain, transportation management, and logistics solutions—and a distinct brand of its own, Flat World Holdings. That’s why Flat World Holdings is excited to unveil its new website,

“Flat World Holdings is more than just a holding company,” said co-founder and Managing Partner Kirk Ferrell. “We view it, and we believe our customers will view it, as a place to find solutions for whatever supply chain, logistics, or transportation challenge you’re facing. You may need a custom crate, you may need help coordinating your hospitality project, or you may need help with a customs issue within your supply chain. Or you may need all three. Whatever it is, you can find your solution through Flat World Holdings.”

The new website was designed and developed by the team at Prologue Technology, one of the Flat World Holdings companies, and a provider of supply chain technology solutions to a wide variety of logistics companies.“We are really proud of the work the Prologue Technology team did on this site, and we’re looking forward to their work on the design of future websites for our brands,” said co-founder and Managing Partner Jeff Rothermich. “I truly believe we could have gone to an external design team and paid tens of thousands of dollars—and the product wouldn’t be as good the one Kevin Korb, Chief Technology Officer at Prologue, and his team developed.”

Flat World Holdings has grown quickly, and 2017 will be no exception. The company will continue to set big goals for each of its business units, and leverage relationships each individual company has in order to achieve those goals. “Since Flat World acquired Ram International and Ram Custom Crating, I’ve seen how the relationships and strategic advantages each business has helps the entire company grow,” said Flat World Holdings Partner and Ram International Chief Operating Officer Jeff Goris. “I’m excited to see where the new year takes Flat World Holdings, and all of our companies.”