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Flat World Holdings Was Just Named One of the Top 150+ Privately Held Companies in the St. Louis Region. Here’s How We Did It.

The word "WIN" spelled out in block letters.

Posted On May 7, 2019

The Flat World Holdings family of companies is proud to announce that we have been named one of the top 150+ privately held companies in the St. Louis metropolitan region by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Broadly speaking, how did we do it?

Hard work, a fantastic team, and the best customers any supply chain solutions provider could ask for.

But there is more to it than that. Here are the three biggest reasons why we continually exceed our own expectations:

1. We hire and empower experts.

Our family of companies provides a wide variety of logistics solutions, including supply chain management, freight forwarding, custom crating, hospitality project management, and transportation management technology. Within each of those service lines, we’ve prided ourselves on hiring and empowering industry experts.

Need proof?

Read recent interviews where our team members share their expertise on how to handle claims on lost and/or damaged shipments, as well as changes to Section 321 and international postage agreements. We know our customers are not experts in the complexities of domestic and international shipping.

They aren’t supposed to be.

That’s why they partner with our family of companies—and when they choose to partner with our team, they are partnering with the transportation industry’s most knowledgeable (and empowered) supply chain and shipping experts.

2. We believe that our company serves a greater purpose than “just” supply chain management.

Yes, we are experts.

Yes, we live for solving complex supply chain challenges.

However, that doesn’t mean supply chain management is the only thing in life. For the last several years, our team has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a wide variety of charities. Those efforts have made a big impact—and one of the accomplishments we are most proud of has nothing to do with logistics or transportation.

It has to do with sending one little girl named Natalie and her family to Disney World.

We believe in making the world a better place for our customers, for each other, and for our community.

A company without a greater sense of purpose creates a culture and employees without a greater sense of purpose. At the Flat World family of companies, our mission extends beyond the walls of our offices and into the communities we call home.

And we couldn’t be prouder of that.

3. We believe we are hired to solve problems, not just to offer specific services.

The Flat World Holdings family of companies offers a wide variety of specific supply chain and transportation management solutions. But sometimes our customers face challenges that require creativity and innovation.

Like when thousands of bottles of wine get held up in a foreign customs office on their way to Alaska.

Or when a typhoon threatens entire shipments of produce.

When that happens—when our customers face challenges without a ready-made solution—our team of empowered experts working with a greater sense of purpose leaps into action. The result is innovative, people-driven solutions that couple with the best technology on the market to create the results shippers need.

Whether you are a customer, client, vendor, or employee, we are proud and thankful that you are a member of the Flat World family. The combined effort, dedication, hard work and ingenuity of each of those groups is the reason why we are continually recognized as one of the best supply solutions providers (and one of the best places to work for) in the logistics industry.

If you have the opportunity, join our family today.

We are always ready to talk to future clients (and future employees) who share our passion for innovative supply chain solutions—and our commitment to make the world and our community a better place.