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Flat World Announces Hive Integration with Sigma Sourcing

A woman uses Hive and Sigma Sourcing on a laptop for project management tracking

Posted On March 25, 2021

At Flat World, we love making shipping and supply chain management easier for our clients. So we’re thrilled to announce that Hive, our logistics project management platform, is now fully integrated with hospitality purchasing software Sigma Sourcing.

Hive gives users better visibility into their projects, from purchase orders and transportation to storage, installation and invoicing. Hospitality, interior design and other business professionals use the web-based platform to get real-time and automated status updates on their projects from beginning to end. And since Hive is powered by our TMS platform Pipeline, users get the best carrier rates available.

With the new integration, Sigma Sourcing customers can use Flat World as their freight forwarder for Sigma procurement projects, saving time and eliminating errors from manual data entry. How? Once a customer using the integration submits a purchase order through Sigma Sourcing, Hive begins handling the logistics. The purchase order is automatically sent to the supplier, and Flat World communicates with the supplier, organizes the freight shipment, creates bills of lading and more. Meanwhile, the customer is free to focus on other things—but is kept apprised of project updates throughout.

“We’re thrilled to offer Hive and its capabilities to Sigma Sourcing customers because of how much it will benefit them and their projects,” said Stacey Gallagher, Director of Project Services at Flat World. “Instead of spending all their time tracking the freight and doing manual data entry, buyers and designers can focus on what they were hired—and love—to do.”

The new Flat World and Sigma Sourcing integration is already in use, and plans are in the works to continue adding more functionalities and upgrades to the integration, based on customer needs.

Curious about how Sigma Sourcing and Hive can streamline your company’s projects? Let’s talk! We’d love to review your current processes and share how we can help.