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Going the Extra Mile: National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Semi-truck drivers transport goods on a highway

Posted On September 13, 2021

Have you thanked a trucker lately?

This week, September 12-18, is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Flat World is proud to recognize truck drivers around the country for all they do.

Keeping supply chains moving and delivering important goods to communities across America, truck drivers are vital to the country’s economic infrastructure. The onset of the pandemic only underscored the importance of truck drivers in all of our lives, as the world suddenly needed deliveries of PPE & life-saving equipment, battled shortages of everyday goods and shifted to online shopping.

“Truck drivers keep America running, but rarely hear the thanks they deserve,” said Flat World CEO Brian Wenck. “My first job out of college was working on the docks of one of the oldest names in trucking. I still remember being amazed at how many goods the drivers would transport—and then as I did ride-alongs, how many challenges and obstacles the drivers had to face. Flat World wouldn’t exist without truck drivers, and we’re proud to celebrate them this week and always.”

Approximately 3.6 million truck drivers transport goods more than 300 billion miles each year in the U.S. alone, according to American Trucking Associations. In 2019, trucks were responsible for moving almost three quarters of the country’s freight by weight. Depending on where you live and what types of goods you consume, truck drivers probably make most of your purchases and experiences possible.

On behalf of everyone at Flat World, thank you to all the truck drivers doing the behind-the-scenes, and often thankless work that all of us depend on.