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What Are We Thankful For? A Team that Believes in Excellence (and a Few Other Things, Too)

Posted On November 19, 2017

A team that believes in and embodies excellence

A few weeks ago, in an example of the type of excellence and initiative we love to see, a project manager on our team—Pamela Catiller—took a moment to write the following quote on a white board in our office:

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence!”

What does the self-portrait of our team look like?

It looks like a team that throws itself into making its community better by raising money for important causes and organizations. It looks like a team that goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure customers receive unparalleled service. It looks like a team that goes out of its way to help each other succeed. It looks like a team that pushes all the Flat World companies to new heights, every single year.

It’s a self-portrait defined by excellence, autographed by a team that we couldn’t be prouder of.

Our customers

We believe in customer service, but it almost feels wrong to call our customers “customers.” From the day we opened our doors 11 years ago, our customers have been more like partners—and that partnership is a two-way street. Our customers have helped us become a better company, just as much as we’ve helped them make their supply chains more efficient. That support is a debt we feel has to be repaid, which is why are so relentlessly focused on excellence.It’s the best thank-you we can give—but while excellence is an action, and actions speak louder than words, it’s still worth saying directly:

Thank you for being our customer and partner. We couldn’t do it without you.

A great year

As long as you’re still doing something you love, every year is a great year. Still, some years are better than others. But 2017 has been a great year.We’ve continued to grow, adding new customers and team members along the way. We’ve expanded our presence internationally by opening a new office in Shanghai, China. In addition to our Chicago and Dallas-Ft. Worth locations, Ram International added a facility in Atlanta and moved to a new facility with expanded capacity in St Louis, and we launched new websites for most of the Flat World companies. Those are just a few of our accomplishments, and we have so many more things to be proud of.

Of course, we have still work to do—but we have a lot of momentum, and a team that believes in its mission.

Anyone who reads our blogs

It’s a small thing, but we try and publish blogs that are interesting, informative, and give you a sense of who our company is and what our culture is all about. So, thank you for reading them, thank you for being part of the Flat World family, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!