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Keep your supply chain moving forward.

Flat World Global Solutions combines proprietary technology and in-depth expertise to give you better visibility into your supply chain and its future. Whether you operate across the country or around the world, we keep you moving forward.

Let’s Move

What We Do

There’s always a better way–we help you find it.

Flat World Global Solutions streamlines supply chains for companies with inventory to move. We use technology to integrate and organize shipping logistics, saving you time, energy and money.

Our Solutions

Complete supply chain solutions tailored to your needs.

We're committed to you, not your contract.

We don’t lock our clients into contracts or subscription fees. We value your business and work hard every day to keep it.

Our Technology

Backed by better technology.

Our supply chain solutions are all backed by technology that makes it easier than ever to manage logistics. Our programs can be easily tailored to fit to your operating system and allow you to view shipping progress and project updates, all on a single dashboard.

  • Save Labor
  • Speed Up Timelines
  • Cut Costs

News & Insights

Keep up to date with the latest shipping news and insights.

Maximizing Efficiency and Growth: The Benefit of Outsourced Warehousing

February 13, 2024

For today’s businesses, optimizing operations isn’t just a smart move; it’s essential for success. One strategy that has been transforming the way companies operate is…

RVX: The Transportation Solution for The “Big Ugly Stuff” RVX: The Transportation Solution for The “Big Ugly Stuff”

January 3, 2024

Watch and learn how RVX works! What started as a transportation solution for over-sized RV part freight has turned into a transportation solution for ANY…

2024 Supply Chain Trends: What to Expect

October 25, 2023

Supply chains are always on the move. And as we prepare for 2024, the gears of change are turning fast. So, what can we expect…

Simplify your supply chain.

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