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​Flat World Holdings Employee of Excellence: Deirdre Guice

Posted On May 15, 2017

Flat World Holdings is proud to recognize an Employee of Excellence, Deirdre Guice. Deirdre has been an integral part of the Flat World family since 2013, and has come to embody Flat World’s focus on excellence.

In addition to serving customers with excellence, Deirdre has also taken a leadership role in Flat World’s “Delivering Wishes” program, which to date has raised nearly $40,000 for multiple charities in Illinois and Missouri. Her leadership on the most recent Delivering Wishes fundraiser helped raise $11,000 for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis.

In her spare time, when she isn’t serving Flat World customers or raising money for the less fortunate, Deirdre has been known to play a starring role in some of the greatest film productions in recent memory.

(We don’t mean La La Land. We are talking about truly groundbreaking film productions: the Flat World trade show video series.)

Seriously, Deirdre is a consummate team player, a leader, and an example to everyone she works with of what the word “Excellence” means.

“Deirdre shows excellence comes from a commitment to your customers, your colleagues, and your community,” said Flat World Holdings CEO Brian Wenck. “Her dedication is an example for all of us, including me, and I’m proud she’s part of our team.”

Deirdre, thank you for hard work, for your big heart, and your constant leadership. Everyone at Flat World Holdings is better off because you are a part of our team.