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Three Ways to Elevate Your Supply Chain Game, Right Now

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Posted On January 30, 2019

Companies large and small—including some of the most valuable companies in the world—long ago realized their supply chain and transportation-management programs and systems are not just necessary evils.

In fact, the best companies in the world realize their supply chain can be a significant advantage over their competition.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are three ways you can elevate your supply chain and separate yourself from your competitors.

  1. Make your supply chain, logistics, and transportation-management program a strategic focus.

Who makes decisions about logistics and supply chain management in your company? Your shipping manager? Your logistics coordinator? Your procurement manager? It is important for the folks occupying these positions to provide their insight and expertise in identifying the most effective and efficient ways to move your products across the world and across the country.

However, creating a supply chain that strengthens your bottom line should be one of the primary concerns for every CEO. Jeff Bezos understands that. So did Steve Jobs.

So should you.

Make sure your supply chain has a seat at the table the next time your company is crafting its strategic plan.

  1. Don’t settle.

Right now your supply chain management program may not be a strategic strength—but you also may not consider it a weakness, either. If it were an employee, your supply chain would get a “Meets Expectations” on its next evaluation.

That’s not good enough.

You need your supply chain to not just meet expectations, or even exceed expectations.

You need your supply chain to set expectations—for your competitors. If they intend to compete with you, they need to know they are competing with your industry’s most efficient, effective, and visible supply chain.

  1. Give your shipping department the technology and resources it needs.

At the Flat World Holdings family of companies, we have a range of tools, technology, and resources to help your shipping department achieve its full potential and become a difference-maker for your company. Need the industry’s most customer-focused approach to supply chain management? Contact the team at Flat World Supply Chain Management. Need to move your products across the world? Ram International has been a premier freight forwarder for more than three decades. What about custom crating, hospitality project management, or innovative transportation-management software? Connect with the teams at Ram Custom Crating, Flat World Hospitality, and Prologue Technology.

When it comes to supply chain, transportation, and logistics management, we do it all.

And we do it with a constant focus on excellence.

Together, your team and our team can bring your supply chain to the next level.